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Established in 1979, BB Motors is a privately owned company that has been managed by well experienced staff. We have been in the motor industry for more than 42 years and offer Bosch car service, Smart Repair and detailing, car parts and pre-owned car sales.


  • Operating a successful new and used car dealership.
  • Operating a successful auto body repair workshop.
  • Building trust between The Company and the customer.
  • Furnishing a stable, familiar work environment with assurance of security provided by supportive management.
  • Striving to learn and advance at an accelerated pace.
  • Administering high quality service to clients and to continue the trend in any future ventures.


To become the most trusted garage in Botswana, where excellence is the standard.


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To us, the most important point of our company is its ability to provide quality customer service. BB Motors has existed in Botswana for nearly four decades dedicated to providing the country with quality parts and car services. Over the years our focus has diversified to smart repair, detailing, and various means of car services.Our growth as a company into a professional and preferred motor vehicle solution in our industry has been a point of pride that has given us the momentum to succeed. We are grateful to all our staff and customers for their support in making BB Motors the entity that it is today.

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